Before I decided to focus my attention on learning just one programming language, I tried to learn many at the same time, getting nowhere with most of them. C was among the list of things I tried to learn and then later abandoned.

After learning printf() and scanf() in C, I wanted to make something better than the usual crappy programs you would find in most beginner tutorials. Only knowing those two things, I was kind of limited in what I could write. It couldn't be anything that would be actually useful, so it ended up being something amusing.

Remember Madlibs? Those were the silly books of text based games that asked you to supply words and then at the end they became a rather funny little story. I used to play these with my friends when I was a kid. The results were often hilarious.

Using my very limited knowledge in C, I was able to create one of these for you to enjoy. If you enjoyed the game as a kid, take a trip down Memory Lane and play mine. If you have never heard of Madlibs, then give it a try. It's not hard to play. All you need is a bit of elementary level knowledge, in English grammar, to have some fun.

If you are a programming student, that is getting discouraged by stupid book projects, use your imagination and create something fun with the skills you are learning, like I did. You will enjoy it more when you can create something worth sharing with other people. Even the most limited knowledge can result in something good, if you use your imagination.

I have included the source with the game for those that are just starting to learn and those that are just curious about what the code looks like. (open it in Notepad to see) It can be compiled for, and run on, most operating systems...DOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix, etc. The .exe file included is for Windows.

This is a console game. There are no fancy windows, no buttons, no sounds, no frills.....just old fashioned fun with text, in a black box.

Enjoy!   🙂

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