GoogolBar is my idea of a replacement for the Google Toolbar for Windows. It does not contain anything questionable, unethical, shady, sneaky, privacy invading, etc.

Nice, clean, and simple. It is a deskbar that integrates with your taskbar to provide convenient searching of various Google services (20 in total) right from the desktop in your default browser.

It will work with all major browsers and most obscure ones, too. It will work with both horizontal and vertical taskbars.

It will not store a search history, not phone home, not report statistics, no automatic installation of updates without the user's knowledge or consent, no tracking of personally identifiable surfing activities, no tracking of "anonymous" statistics, no changes to your default search engine, no changes to your default "new tab" page, no changes to any web page you view, no collection and storage of personally identifiable information, no loading of dynamic content from the web, no advertising, no 3rd party bundled software, no BS.

And for those that really care about privacy, there is an option to search using Scroogle.

Q. Would this wonderful tool-bar also keep google from filtering my results just for me, based on other weird stuff it figures out about me?
A. I am sorry, I can not change Google itself. Once you hit their site, you are at their mercy. But while you are typing on your computer and surfing the web, you won’t be at the mercy of a privacy invading toolbar that tracks your every move across the internet. I am giving you the convenience without the garbage that other toolbar makers pack into their software. If you really don’t like the weird stuff, use the Scroogle option.

Q: What 20 services does it support?
A. Web, Image, Maps, News, Groups, Shopping, Video, Mail, Books, Finance, Scholar, Blogs, Youtube. Calendar, Reader, Documents, Patents, Android market, G+, Scroogle

Q: What's that Donate button about? How do I get rid of it?
A: GoogolBar is freeware/donationware and contains a donate button to help support the project. No, you can not get rid of it.

Q. I'd use it. Sounds good. But, will your tool bar make me more handsome? (someone actually asked me this)
A. It’s possible that use of it could make you more intelligent, and I have always considered intelligence to be very sexy.




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