Automatically control how to display a window.

- Move, maximize, minimize, restore, enable, disable, hide, show, ontop, bottom, alwaysontop, clip, transparent, transparent color, move relative to another window, stick to the edge of the screen, center, run a program.
- Doubleclick trayicon to center the active window.

- 2005.09.28 - v1.2: Added centering of the active window, autoreload when ini changes, option to run a program.
- 2005.10.09 - v1.3: Added the options Inside and Outside to check if the mouse is hovering over a window. Also some bugfixes.
- 2005.10.31 - v1.4: Tim Morck tweaked it to run more efficient.
- 2005.10.31 - v1.5: Tim Morck tweaked it again and added menu options and move options.
- 2006.02.02 - v2.0: Tim Morck tweaked it again and added even more options.

Thanks to lanux128 at DonationCoder Forum for the idea!
Thanks to Tim Morck for improving the code!

  • 2.0 Version
  • 278.37 KB File Size
  • December 12, 2017 Release Date
  • n/a Creation Date
  • n/a Requirements

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